The Banked Mission

We’re writing new rules that require new building blocks, a new way of delivering them, and new players to work with them. We’re on a mission to enable money actions to be seamlessly integrated into everyday experiences, hyper-specific to an individual’s needs and context. 

The journey starts with payments, creating an environment where the individual experience comes first. 

The result will be new experiences, more relevant services, and products for everyone. We hope that this will be a collaborative journey where the ones that rise to the top will be those obsessed with the customer, their privacy, and their unique demands in a digital world.

Our journey so far :

Banked was founded in 2018 by four friends who understand progressive tech and have experience building companies that start with great people.

Our approach was simple: build a talented team and focus on shipping a product that allows more people to build products that solve money and data problems, creatively and thoughtfully.

The key observation was that individuals didn’t need more choice, they needed more personalised money solutions, available in the moment. Increasingly, people are turning to trusted brands to create these experiences for them, outside of banking.

And so we created Banked, a business that allows banks, FinTechs, and brands to collaborate, allowing everyone to play to their strengths.
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