API Changelog

December 2019

  • The amount_cents field for aline_item (within a payment session), has been changed to amount. We will continue to accept amount_cents, but this will be deprecated in 90 days - March 11th 2020.
  • When creating a payment session, a payer object can now be provided. This will pre-populate the payer details, which means the page which collects this information in the checkout will not be displayed.
  • An additional parameter will now be added to the success_url or error_url after a redirect. This will be the id of the payment session, appended as a query string paramater.
  • Barclays only allow the Name field (i.e. name of the payee), to be up to 20 characters, so we will truncate any names longer than this when paying via Barclays.
  • Barclays, HSBC and Nationwide do not allow unicode charcters to be supplied in the Name or Reference field. We now fold any unicode characters into ASCII for these providers.
  • You can now view webhook logs for each webhook and for individual payments through the console
  • We have added support for two additional providers: Coutts and Natwest Bankline. We also now allow test payments to be made via the Natwest Sandbox.

November 2019

The payload of the webhook has been updated, it now matches thePaymentSession object. An example object can be found in the documentation:

Payment Sessions