Getting Started

1. Create a Developer Account

Sign up for a developer account and get access to the Banked console. From here you can setup or link your business, and start making and taking payments.

You will need to activate your account by verifying your email address.

Developer Sign Up

2. Get Test Keys

After activating your account you are able to access test Keys. Here you can create payments in a sandbox environment (i.e. no money will be transferred to/from providers).

To use the examples below, replace YOUR_API_KEY with your own.

View Test Keys

3. Generate a Payment Session

The following cURL command creates a PaymentSession which has a single item in GBP.

Replace YOUR_API_KEY with your test key, and YOUR_API_SECRET with your test secret

-x- CODE language-bash -x- curl --location --request POST "" \
 --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
 --data "{
   \"reference\": \"Illuminate\",
   \"success_url\": \"\",
   \"error_url\": \"\",
   \"line_items\": [
       \"name\": \"Candles\",
       \"amount_cents\": 100,
       \"currency\": \"GBP\",
       \"quantity\": 4
   \"payee\": {
     \"name\": \"Gerald Wiley\",
     \"account_number\": \"12345678\",
     \"sort_code\": \"123456\"

Paste this into your terminal. The response will return the PaymentSession object with the URL required to access the web Checkout and complete the payment.

-x- CODE language-json -x- {
   "amount": 400,
   "created_at": "2019-11-01 15:48:26 UTC",
   "currency": "GBP",
   "end_to_end_id": "728d061b-8e47-4052-be4f-5f9bcdee39ff",
   "error_url": "",
   "id": "1ae1ce03-dfa9-4593-b487-65c656991cb5",
   "line_items": [
           "amount_cents": 100,
           "currency": "GBP",
           "description": null,
           "name": "Candles",
           "quantity": 4
   "live": true,
   "payee": {
       "account_number": "12345678",
       "name": "Gerald Wiley",
       "sort_code": "123456"
   "reference": "Illuminate",
   "state": "awaiting_payer",
   "success_url": "",
   "url": ""

4. Checkout with the Mock Bank

Use the provided URL to access the web Checkout. You can see details of the PaymentSession and progress through the full Checkout flow as a real customer would.

The key difference is that we provide a mock bank for developers to test, without requiring the need for a real UK bank account. It also offers the ability to test pending & failed PaymentSessions without any money moving between Providers .

5. View Payment Status

The console provides a list of PaymentSessions that have been created. You can toggle between live / test mode, to view PaymentSessions generated with test keys.

View Payments

6. Going Live

In order to 'go live' you need to have created a Business and had it verified by Banked. This will unlock your live keys.

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What's Next?

Banked supports web hooks for key PaymentSession events offering a simple way to integrate with your website, app, or service.

Setup Webhooks