How it Works

  1. Your customer requests to make a payment
  2. You use the Banked API to create a PaymentSession
  3. Banked provides a URL to the Checkout for this PaymentSession
  4. Your customer completes theCheckout and selects a Provider
  5. We contact their selected Provider (customer's bank) asking them to make a transfer from the customer's account to the Payee's account
  6. The Provider directs the customer to authenticate themselves, select an account, and authorise the payment
  7. The money is transferred to the Payee's account
  8. We poll the Payer’s selected Provider regularly to check the status
  9. We update you, the Business, on the status of the PaymentSession

Creating a Payment Session

Created via the Payment API API or using the Console Console directly. Each PaymentSession has a unique URL which can be used to start the web-based Checkout flow