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Our app enables you to get paid
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Create Payment Requests
Quickly and easily send payment requests to anyone in the UK
Add any UK bank account
This is where you'll get paid
Request payment from anyone
They don't need the app
Keep track of request status
Know when your customer approves a payment
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Share with Customers
Send payment requests to any device
Share via email or SMS
Get paid in the click of a link
Create professional payment requests
Add as many items or details as you need
Stay organised easily
Access your payment history at any time
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Get Paid Fast
We've rebuilt payments so there's no more waiting
Connected to all major UK banks
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Instant iOS notifications
Know when you've been paid
Secure, fast payments
Safely connecting accounts for real-time payments
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Trusted by all major UK banks.
Regulated by the FCA.

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Connect to anyone in the UK
Create payment requests
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