0.1% flat fee.
No minimums. No monthly charges.
Platform Pricing
0.1% flat rate on all transactions
No minimum charges
Real-time settlement
Individual deposits
No set-up fees
No monthly fees
No chargebacks
Refund fees returned

Banked : Package

A lean, real-time payments network.
With secure checkout, dashboard, and developer tools.

Optimised checkout
Configurable UI
Hosted & embedded checkout
Payment reference controls
Security and encryption
App-to-app authentication
Secure data encryption
Regulated across EU
Simple, real-time payments
Real-time payouts
Direct bank-to-bank transfer
Single or batch payments
Personalised support
Customized onboarding
Technical support
Comprehensive documentation
Integrated dashboard
Customized Dashboard
Multi-access collaboration
Intuitive Dev Tools
SDKs and libraries
Test environment
Easy reconciliation
How long do payouts take?
Do you really only charge 0.1%?
Do I get fees back on refunds?
Tell me about minimum fees and monthly fees.
Real-time. Every payment moves instantly from the customer's account to your account. Your funds are never held. It's your money, you should get it immediately.
Yes. Fair payments without bloated fees should be your right.
Absolutely. You didn't get paid so why should we.
Simple. There aren't any.

Regulated by the FCA.
Integrated with all major UK banks.