Banked :
A better choice at checkout.

A new way to pay using your bank account. No more plastic credit or debit cards. No more long card numbers. No more expiry dates and security codes. No more storing your financial details.

Simply choose Banked at checkout, select your bank and authenticate your payment inside your banking app. As simple as 1, 2, 3.

Pay with your bank account for a better choice at checkout.

No plastic debit or credit cards.  
No storing your financial details.
No need to set up an account.
Paying with Banked is so easy, I didn’t have to enter any card details at all, it literally took me directly to my banking app to confirm my payment. This is incredible guys!
— Celine, pays with BankeD

The safest way to pay.

Banked : uses Face ID or Touch ID with your banking app to authenticate and confirm your purchases. Strong customer authentication (SCA) helps reduce fraud by 96%.

No need for card details or payment information to be stored, making sure that your data and privacy is kept safe and secure.

The easiest way to pay, in 3 simple steps.

1: Select the Banked : button.

When you’re ready to pay at checkout, simply select the Banked : button to proceed.

2: Select your bank.

We’ll then direct you to your mobile banking app, or online banking on desktop.

3: Authorise your purchase.

Authorise in your banking app with FaceID or TouchID on mobile, select ‘Approve’ and you’re done.

When we first launched our online store, we needed a reliable way of taking payments with minimal fees. Banked not only offered us fair & affordable rates, but also helped with the integration process. We were up and running in no time.
— Jayden Davis, Founder of Nu Edition Clothing

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