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We’re building a global, digital payments network that does more for everyone.

We’re building a global, digital payments network, based on API access to super secure banking rails, but free from the limitations of their decades old technology and cost model to support it.

Payments have so far missed out on the cost benefits that come from scale and the innovation potential of the digitisation of other areas of our lives.

Our goal is to deliver a fairer, faster and highly secure payment network to merchants and consumers. We provide the tools to enable merchants to regain control of rewarding and incentivising their customers to drive loyalty and lifetime value.

We work openly and communicate freely. Personal contribution to our company success is owned by each individual.

We are bold, creative and proactive. There is no wrong idea. We create the best experience at every touch point.

We are kind, honest and supportive. We’re in this together.

Our people are what makes Banked tick. We are a small but nimble and multi-skilled team, with nine nationalities in eight countries and counting.

Brad Goodall CEO

Brad Goodall

Co Founder + CEO

Neil Ambler COO

Neil Ambler

Co Founder + COO

Ellie Fernandes Chief Innovation Officer

Ellie Fernandes

Co Founder

Patrick Cox Co Founder Chief Creative Officer

Patrick Cox

Co Founder

Parag Ladhawala CGO

Parag Ladhawala

Chief Growth Officer

Lisa Scott CMO

Lisa Scott

Chief Product + Marketing Officer

Frederika Johnstone Chief of Staff

Frederika Johnstone

Chief of Staff

Joe Pettersson CTO

Joe Pettersson

Chief Technology Officer

john portrait

John Fernandez


Team + Culture.

banked team - meetup 2022
banked team - meetup 2022
banked team and culture workshop
banked team - meetup 2022 - cooking school winners
banked team - meetup 2022 cooking school
banked founders
gopher conference banked talk
banked team - meetup 2022 - sports day
banked team - meetup 2022 bus
banked team and culture workshop
banked team - meetup 2022
banked team - meetup 2022
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Our Investors

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Our Offices




Floor 4
8—14 Meard Street
London, W1F 0EQ
United Kingdom

Palo Alto

Palo Alto

Palo Alto

229 Forest Avenue
Palo Alto
United States




Gedimino PR 20
LT 01103

Join our team of problem solvers and payments experts.



Banked Ltd is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority
Floor 4, 8—14 Meard Street, London, W1F 0EQ, UK
Company number 11047186 : Firm Reference Number 816944 : +44 (0) 20 8090 2747

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