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Examples of how our products could be used for your business.

From e-commerce payments to payouts, our products cover all your payment needs.

E-commerce Payments

Elevate your Checkout

  • Drive more sales

  • Bank grade security

  • Offer instant refunds

  • Foster loyalty with our rewards

Furniture e-commerce site

Bill Payments

Bill payments made easy

  • Reduce costs with back office efficiencies.​

  • Recover expired payment instruments.​

  • Improve cash flow with instant receipt.

Water bill invoice


SMS for instant payments

  • Faster re-payments with payment links.​

  • Minimise errors when taking payments

  • Reduce costs and call handling time

  • Enable convenient cardless payment

SMS conversation regarding car finance


Facilitate customer donations, directing all funds to your cause

  • Zero transaction fees

  • QR codes for fundraising in mailers or in person

Animal charity donation site


Instant payments, instant payouts

  • Low compliance risk with payee validation

  • Global reach for cross-border payouts

  • Customizable payout options for different use cases

Grouped payouts for architecture firm

Wallet Top-Up

Top-up with Ease

  • Global real-time wallet top-ups

  • High conversion and low cost wallet top-up

Digital wallet top-up

Let’s build together. A payments network that does more for everyone.

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