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The easiest way to add real-time payments to your checkout

•  Hosted and custom checkout designs
•  Loyalty partnership integrations
•  Integration with all major e-commerce platforms

A fairer way to accept and distribute payments

•  Funds received instantly
•  Ideal for large value transactions
•  Queryable API and easy to manage transaction references

In App
Seamlessly top-up between accounts and across devices

•  Direct deposits with instant settlement
•  Flexible integration supporting your brand, design, and UX
•  No card details held on file

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Banked : have enabled us to take real-time payments while also removing the transaction fee, allowing us to get more critical funds to the frontline NHS and fast.

— Dr Dominic Pimenta, HEROES Co-foundeR

The fastest way
to get paid

•  Automatic reconciliation
•  Personalised, reusable payment links
•  Integration with all major accounting platforms

Make multiple account payments with a single approval

•  Automate online refund request processes
•  Significantly reduce wait times
•  Cut all manual data entry and spreadsheet uploads

A simpler alternative to direct debits

•  Repeat payments with flexible frequency
•  Micropayments under £1
•  Auto notifications on payment status

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By tying our service in with Banked's easy to use API, we give our freelancers and their clients security and efficiency. Banked have allowed us to cut down single payment times by nearly 90%.

— Albert Azis-Clauson, UNDERPINNED CEO & Co-Founder

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