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Bring your payments to life with our customisable product suite.

A comprehensive set of products to allow you to take and make payments for your business. You choose the level of customisation that’s right for you.

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Pay by Bank : Checkout

A new payment method enabling your customers a fast and secure way to pay directly using their bank.
pay by bank checkout item with earning avios points
  • Best in class user experience with biometric authentication.

  • Secure connection to banking app for safe payments.

  • Integrated with all major e-commerce platforms.

  • Value add in checkout with rewards and donations integrations.

  • 96% lower fraud and zero chargebacks.

Security: Field Level Encryption

With its advanced encryption techniques and added benefits, businesses and consumers can look forward to a future of safer, more secure payments.
Field Level Encryption
  • Improved Data privacy through encryption of sensitive data at a field level.

  • Enhanced security that supplements traditional encryption methods.

  • Compliant with industry security standards.

  • Improved customer experience for faster and more efficient checkout process.

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By tying our service in with Banked’s easy to use API, we give our freelancers and their clients security and efficiency. Banked have allowed us to cut down single payment times by nearly 90%.


Donate by Bank :

Enabling you to take donations from your customers with all funds going to your cause.
  • Charities never pay transaction fees with Banked.

  • Checkout button for your website with secure bank connection.

  • QR codes for fundraising in mailers or in person.

  • Gift Aid compatibility with Banked partners.

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‘Banked : have enabled us to take real-time payments while also removing the transaction fee, allowing us to get more critical funds to the frontline NHS and fast.’


Refund by Bank :

Initiate refunds instantly and seamlessly. Allow your customer to immediately shop again with the funds.
refund by bank iOS notifications
  • Instant refunds for individual ‘Pay by Bank’ transactions.

  • Speed up operational processes with embedded bulk refunds.

  • Top up a managed bank account from which to execute your refunds at scale.

Payout by Bank :

Send real time payments to customers, employees and suppliers quickly, securely and compliantly.
architect firm interface paying out grouped salaries
  • Automate online refund request processes.

  • Significantly reduce wait times.

  • Instant deposits and withdrawals.

  • Cut all manual data entry and spreadsheet uploads.

  • Multiple account to account payments with a single approval.

Incentivise by Bank :

Providing you the platform for investing more in customer loyalty or the community by significantly lowering payment fees.
  • Provide customer points rewards with AVIOS.

  • Enable charitable donations for every transaction.

  • Configurable to support your corporate and social responsibility goals and partners.

  • Improved checkout conversion rates.

  • Increase average order values.

  • Enhanced customer loyalty.

  • Competitive advantage.

  • Safe & secure transactions.

  • Seamless customer experience.

Let’s build together. A payments network that does more for everyone.






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