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Bring your payments to life with our customizable product suite.

A comprehensive set of products to allow you to take and make payments for your business. You choose the level of customization that’s right for you.

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Fast, simple and secure payments at the tap of a button.
Pay by Bank : Checkout with incentives
  • Streamline customer experience with a secure, bank biometric authentication process

  • Boost customer loyalty with fast, seamless and convenient payments 

  • Retain more revenue by saving on processing costs

  • Improve your business’ cash flow with instant settlement into your account 


Instant refunds for immediate reuse of the same funds.
refund by bank iOS notifications
  • Utilise the fastest available rails for instant refunds

  • Boost conversion by delivering instant gratification to your customers

  • Remove friction by fast tracking the return process

  • Improve consumers' cashflow so they can continue with their purchases


Simple payouts with instant, low-cost, manual-free processing.
architect firm interface paying out grouped salaries
  • Elevate customer loyalty allowing instant access to funds

  • Save time and streamline your payout operations through our single API

  • Avoid manual payout management and lengthy payment tracking


Data and insights to support business growth.
reporing and analytics
  • Access essential data for business growth and cashflow optimisation.

  • Select your preferred data delivery method: API or user-friendly console.

  • Effortlessly reconcile and review individual transactions and payment success rates.


Invest in Customer Loyalty + Community.
Pay by Bank Btn + Incentive
  • Drive conversion by rewarding your customers

  • Reduce cart abandonment by offering a compelling incentive

  • Create a more personalised shopping experience

  • Give back to your customers what you’ve earned on processing fees


Support tools and guidance for banks, developers and merchants.
documents + user
  • Benefit from dedicated tools for a seamless and simplified integration.

  • Simplify integration with developer crafted documentation

  • Make the most out of our dedicated experts during your onboarding process


Advanced encryption for a safer payment future.
Field Level Encryption
  • Cutting-edge cloud security, threat detection response platform,

  • Risk scoring solutions to promptly identify fraudulent activity.

  • Protect bank information with unique tokens and data encryption.


Intelligent fraud services to protect you and your customers.
  • Secure sensitive data with field-level encryption 

  • Enhanced security with machine learning algorithms and risk scoring

  • Partnered with Tier 1 banks to stay on top of emerging fraud trends and evolving tactics.

Let’s build together. A payments network that does more for everyone.





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