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A faster, secure + seamless payment experience at checkout or wherever you need to pay.

No need for card details or payment information to be stored on browsers or shared with merchants, making sure that your data and privacy is kept safe and secure. No hassle of account set up and direct connection with your bank allows you to check funds as you pay.

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Pay by Bank :

Securely from your banking app.

At Checkout.

  • Select Pay by Bank : at checkout
  • Connect to your bank
  • Authorise payment

Via QR Code.

  • Scan QR code on your bill
  • Connect to your bank
  • Authorise payment

In Chat or SMS.

  • Follow secure payment link
  • Connect to your bank
  • Authorise payment

Faster Checkout.

  • No card numbers to remember.
  • No security codes to confirm.
  • No more expired credentials.
  • Two simple steps to check out.

More Secure.

  • Transactions completed via secure link to your bank.
  • Utilises strong bank authentication methods (FaceID, TouchID).
  • Lowest fraud rates.

Protecting your data.

  • Bank details are never shared with merchants or sellers.
  • No account set up required.
  • No login needed, ready to go.

Added Benefits.

  • Instant refunds for better cashflow management.
  • Keeping you in control, check your balance as you pay.
  • AVIOS rewards points available at selected merchants.
  • Better for giving. Donations via Banked : are fee free.

Let’s build together.
A payments network that does more for everyone.


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