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Our Pay by Bank : payment flow, now re-imagined for better conversion.

A brand new, enhanced payment flow for a better Pay by Bank experience.

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A brand new, enhanced payment flow for a better 'Pay by Bank' experience.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be rolling out several updates to our existing checkout payment flow updating the look and feel. These updates are based on user experience optimisations and enhanced support for key features such as customer refunds, offering rewards for purchases made via 'Pay by Bank' and more.

As always, our product is modular and flexible for merchants to choose the journey that is best for their customers. Every section we add to our payment flow can be hidden or added depending on the goals of our merchants. We build our payments flows optimising for conversion rates and customer experience, and we provide the tools for every merchant to achieve what is best for their business.

Here are a few key updates you can expect to see over the coming weeks:

Smart pre-filled fields for returning customers.

banked product optimisation

New bank selection experience with Search.

banked product optimisation

Single column layout for easy integration and optimised for mobile experiences.

banked product optimisation

SMS and QR code support to hand-off from desktop to mobile banking app.

banked product optimisation

Integration of customer rewards at checkout including Avios points.

banked product optimisation

The Why.

A better customer experience means higher conversion rates for merchants.

We continually measure and monitor the success of our payment authorisation flows to ensure we are helping our merchants convert payments. We've also undertaken a piece of user testing and research work to help optimise the full user experience to help increase payment conversions and have been conducting A/B testing and optimisation experiments to gather the right amount of data to inform these design changes. The end result is a new design that is clearer, faster and easier for consumers to use.

We've adapted this cleaner checkout flow to both our hosted and embedded solutions, supporting the same features and functionality moving forward, providing a more consistent experience across both. This means your customers can expect the same 'Pay by Bank' experience no matter the location or device they choose to use for their checkout experience.

We've also simplified the process for a customer to retry their payment if for whatever reason the payment fails to authenticate the on the first try. This can happen for a number of reasons, for example, the bank account chosen doesn't have enough funds, the customer can choose to pay with another bank account.

The When.

The roll out of the new design will start with our 'hosted' payment flow solution. This will not require any changes or updates to your implementation, all of the updating and heavy lifting will be done on our end. These updates will commence on the 1st February 2021.

The next release will be our embedded Javascript version, this will be made available along with instructions on how to implement it. We are also hard at work updating our native iOS/Android SDKs and hope to release these early in 2021. If you have any queries please contact us via the normal support channels.





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