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Offer your customers a new, fast and secure way to pay directly using their bank.

Payments arrive to your bank account instantly and in full, helping with cash flow and reconciliation. Working directly with banks and their authentication and security, fraud is minimised and chargebacks are eliminated. Making payments to customers suppliers and employees are also faster and more secure.

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90% bank coverage across UK + Europe.

More Reliable.

  • Regulated by the FCA
  • SCA compliant with low friction
  • 99.999% uptime. No payment failure
  • 100% redundancy

Optimised Conversion.

  • Seamless, customisable checkout
  • Declined card fallback with smart routing
  • Enable customer incentives and rewards
  • Low authentication errors

Easy to Integrate.

  • Accept payments with 6 lines of code
  • Solutions up and running in days
  • Full test environment + technical support
  • Broad range of acceptance channels

More Secure.

  • Payments use biometric bank auth
  • Combat fraud. 96% lower fraud rates
  • PSD2 + Open Banking EU compliance

Lower Cost.

  • Transaction fees lower than card
  • No costly chargebacks

Instant Access to Funds.

  • Real time funds settlement
  • Initiate refunds instantly

Access to our Partner Network.

Let’s build together.
A payments network that does more for everyone.


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