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Making Payments More Secure & Cost Effective in a Digital World

Banked’s CEO and co-founder, Brad Goodall, joined NAB Digital Next, a National Australia Bank podcast on the rise of the digital economy, to discuss the evolution and future of digital payments, focusing on the shift towards account-to-account transactions and Pay by Bank.

Banked + NAB
Alongside Shane Conway, leader of National Australia Bank's Transaction Banking and Payments team, the conversation delved into how Banked is pioneering the move away from traditional payment methods towards more direct, efficient, and secure payment processes with Pay by Bank. 

Recorded in Sydney during the NAB Transactional Banking Symposium, this dialogue highlighted the collaborative efforts between fintechs and banks to innovate the payment landscape.


• Pay by Bank offers a streamlined approach for account-to-account payments, bypassing traditional card systems for faster, more secure transactions

• There’s a huge potential for account-to-account payments to disrupt the US market, which is characterized by high credit card penetration

• Australia's forward-thinking approach positions Pay by Bank for significant adoption, making it a key market for this payment innovation

• The conversation also looked ahead to the ubiquity of account-to-account transactions and Pay by Bank, emphasizing the focus on expanding consumer choice, driving innovation, and developing customer-centric solutions through strategic partnerships

Explore Banked’s forward-thinking approach and the evolving fintech-banking landscape in the full podcast episode below.


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